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Common Dealership Service Terms

Common Dealership Service Terms

Every industry has its own lingo, including here at the dealership. Getting to know those unique phrases and words can help you understand our industry better. Here are some common dealership service terms you might hear while getting your vehicle repaired.


Accessories. Items that were not originally included with the vehicle, but added on later for additional comfort, convenience, or performance. For example, audio equipment, seat covers, etc.


Additives. Chemicals that are added to a vehicle’s engine, transmission, or other system to maintain or improve its performance.


Body Shop. A distinct part of a service department that focuses solely on vehicle collision repair.


Chassis. This is the frame of the vehicle and may or may not include the engine.


Gross Combination Weight (GCW). The combined weight of a vehicle, its payload, the trailer it’s towing, and anything in or on the trailer.


Gross Vehicle Weight (GVW). The total weight of a vehicle including its chassis, body, and payload.


Headliner. The material that lines the interior roof of a vehicle, usually a type of fabric.


OEM. Original Equipment Manufacturers. For service departments, this refers to who made the car, Chevrolet, Buick, Ford, etc.


Performance Parts. Parts in a vehicle that are specifically designed to enhance its speed and handling.

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