General Motor’s Commitment to Renewable Energy

eneral Motor’s Commitment to Renewable Energy

Every New Year comes with resolutions, and GM has its own goals in mind as we settle into 2017. General Motor’s commitment to renewable energy is made evident by their long term plan: to be running completely on renewable energy by the year 2050. These energies—such as wind, sun or landfill gas—will run 350 GM facilities across 59 countries.

GM’s movement towards sustainable energy goes hand in hand with its attention to developing electric vehicles, a movement that will allow consumers to choose more sustainable options themselves. GM feels that by switching to renewable energies, it will be able to serve communities by doing their part to create cleaner air. GM is one of 69 companies to make up RE100, a global collaboration of businesses who aim to move to 100 percent renewable energy. Together, these companies work towards reducing their environmental impacts and addressing climate change.

While this lofty goal is a few decades from coming into total fruition, GM has already made remarkable strides. In 2015, the company used 9 terawatt hours of electricity to fuel their offices and their manufacturing. They already save an estimated $5 million each year by moving to renewable energy. As GM moves forward with their plan and their collaborators in RE100, perhaps they will set an example. In the future, we may see multiple car manufacturers heading towards all renewable energy.

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