Oct 10

How to Repair Your Car After Flood Damage

GMC Sierra 2500HDFlorida was struck with a severe hurricane that left buildings and cars significantly damaged. Fortunately, recovering after the storm isn’t impossible. Here are some tips on how to properly repair your car after flood damage.


Check the Damage

The first step to repairing your car after flood damage is to determine just how severe the damage is. If you find water droplets in the oil dipstick, for example, odds are your engine needs some work.

Modern vehicles feature a plethora of technologies compared to their predecessors. Unfortunately, that means a highly involved electrical system as well. Exercise caution when testing electrical components and features of the vehicle.


See What Insurance Will Cover

It’s important to get the ball rolling by contacting your insurance company as soon as possible. After you’ve made the call, take pictures of the damage. Make sure to get clear pictures of the interior, trunk, and engine.

Your insurance provider will decide to do one of two things depending on the damage: repair the car or replace it.


Find a New Car

If your insurance decides to replace your vehicle, it’s usually up to you to find a new one. Affordable prices are what we do best here at Danny Len Buick GMC. Stop in today to see how we can help you get into a new car. Our courteous and professional staff will be happy to walk through you the process.

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