Jul 13

New Car Care Tips

New Car Care Tips


Getting a new car is exciting, but it doesn’t come without responsibility. If you recently purchased a new car or are looking to purchase a new car, here are some new car care tips!

Oil Changes

Regular oil changes are essential to maintaining your vehicle’s health, especially in the beginning. Because your car parts are all brand new and aren’t “broken in” yet, tiny particles might flake off into your oil. Because of this, you’ll want to change your oil once you hit the 20-mile mark. After that, change it again at 1000 miles to ensure clean oil is running through your new engine.

Wash and Wax

To protect that new paint of yours, give your car a wash and apply paint protection. A coat of wax will also help repel water and minimize chipping.

Light on the Gas

You don’t want to accelerate too fast when you’re driving a new car as you have to break it in first, like a pair of shoes. The same rule applies to braking.

Read the Owner’s Manual

Your owner’s manual contains essential information on your car, like what kind of oil to use and what the PSI in your tires should be. Be sure to read it!

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