Jun 28

Take New Adventures in the All-New 2018 Buick Regal TourX

all-new Buick Regal TourX Interior

The Buick Regal is getting a complete overhaul. In fact, it will soon be available in two distinct model options. The first is the athletic Regal Sportback arriving this fall and the other is the adventurous and all-new Regal TourX.


The Buick Regal TourX aims to be your guide for new adventures. It comes with a few factory-installed features to make it more rugged than its Sportback counterpart. In fact, the TourX may feel more like a crossover than a sedan thanks to its car-like driving dynamics combined with the rugged capabilities of an SUV.


With the TourX, you will have higher ground clearance and lots of cargo space. In addition, all-wheel drive comes standard along with a roof rack, hands-free power liftgate, keyless keypad entry, and a portable Bluetooth speaker.


Helping you power over the rough terrain will be a turbocharged 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine rated at 250 horsepower and 295 lb-ft of torque. This will be paired with an eight-speed automatic transmission.


And, while you are riding over rough terrain, the TourX will keep you comfortable inside with supportive seats and all the tech features you could want, including OnStar with 4G LTE Wi-Fi.

The 2018 Buick Regal TourX will be coming to Danny Len Buick GMC late this year.

Jun 28

Catch a Glimpse of the New 2019 GMC Sierra 1500


We are only halfway through 2017, but already, some 2018 models have arrived. And, we are even getting a glimpse of the future with some spy shots of the upcoming, next-generation 2019 GMC Sierra 1500.


With these shots, we can see that the truck maintains its rugged personality. However, with still so much padding and camouflage, it is hard to see the details. The truck was spotted out driving in the Colorado Rockies, a great place to test a truck’s capabilities.


While we don’t know many specific details, we do know that the next-generation of GMC trucks will start using lighter weight materials, like aluminum, in its body panels.


Along with a new construction material, the new truck will likely have a new engine lineup that will include both a diesel and a mild hybrid powertrain option. In addition, these engines will probably be paired with either eight- or 10-speed automatic transmissions.


While GM hasn’t made an official announcement, the industry expects to see the new 2019 GMC Sierra 1500 officially unveiled at the 2018 North American International Auto Show in Detroit in January.

Here at Danny Len Buick GMC, we can’t wait to see what this next-generation of GMC trucks will offer its loyal fans.

May 24

Tips for the Most Simple Beach Day Ever

At Danny Len Buick GMC we love going to the beach just as much as the next Floridian. But sometimes beach days can be stressful, especially when you have multiple heads to look after. Before you head out for fun in the sand next time, use these tips for a simple beach day that will bring about more relaxation and less stress.

Simple Beach Day - Danny Len - Mount Dora, FL

Arrive Early

 Give yourself plenty of time to get to the beach early in the morning. This not only takes away the stress of rushing but also gives your gang the chance to pick out your favorite spot as opposed to later in the day when the crowds will have already taken over.


Sit By the Lifeguard

When you’re looking for your spot, keep an eye out for a good place that’s near the lifeguard chair. Having the guard nearby will give you extra peace of mind when everyone’s out enjoying the water. Plus, having a spot near a landmark like this one will help your children find you more easily.


Pack Smart

If you’re starting early, you’ll want to pack plenty of snacks and food for the day. Use separate Ziploc bags or Tupperware containers for individual items. This way, if sand or water gets in one, the rest will be saved. Also consider preparing and freezing items ahead of time rather than bringing ice in order to save room in the cooler.


Visit Danny Len Buick GMC and check out a new Buick or GMC model that will be perfect for your simple beach days this summer!

May 24

Two New Buick Vehicles to Look Out For

If anything gets the employees at Danny Len Buick GMC abuzz, it’s new Buick vehicles. To our delight, two new, luxurious Buick options were recently debuted at the 2017 New York Auto Show this spring. These new vehicles will be the first to fall under the new sub-brand, Avenir—French for “the future”—which will feature high-end options. The intention is for Buick’s new additions to appeal to younger buyers, and from the looks of things these new cars will be sought after by young and old alike.

 new Buick vehicles - Danny Len - Mount Dora, FL

The first Avenir vehicle that debuted was the Enclave, a three-row SUV, followed by the Regal, Buick’s mid-size sedan. The Avenir trim level of these two already-sophisticated vehicles earns them an even more luxurious treatment. Quiet cabins, massaging chairs, and advanced in-cabin technology are some of the amenities that put the Avenir vehicles in direct competition with other luxury brands like Mercedes-Benz and BMW. But the Buick Avenir lineup will come at a more affordable price than these direct competitors, making them the more appealing options.

The Avenir vehicles make their appearance following a prolific year of redesign in the Buick lineup which included things like the new Cascada convertible. As the new sub-brand indicates, the future is bright for Buick. And the present doesn’t look too bad either.

Apr 24

Redesigned 2018 GMC Terrain Preview

GMC debuted a redesigned 2018 GMC Terrain at the Detroit Auto Show, offering up detailed specs and a peek at the new styling. With a fresher, more rounded new look, three new engine options, an updated interior, and expanded safety features, the popular Terrain is better than ever this year.

redesigned 2018 GMC Terrain

The 2018 GMC Terrain is better than ever this year with a new look, better performance, and more features.

The 2018 Terrain is more efficient than ever thanks to a range of turbocharged engines, including a 1.6-liter turbo-diesel. The Terrain’s two gasoline engines will come with a unique nine-speed transmission, along with Electronic Precision Shift for smoother driving. It will also come with Traction Select, which lets you switch between AWD and FWD.

Inside, the Terrain will emphasize refinement with aluminum trim and soft-touch materials. The Denali trim will elevate this even further by adding unique colors and piping in addition to standard features like a heated steering wheel and hands-free liftgate.

Finally, the 2018 Terrain boasts exceptional safety features, including new Surround Vision, Forward Collision Alert, Low-Speed Forward Automatic Braking, Safety Seat, and Lane Keep Assist. These are included along with Lane Change Alert, Rear Cross Traffic Alert, which were available in past model years.

If you’re looking for a new SUV and you love the features of the new Terrain, give us a call at Danny Len Buick GMC to find out more about the upcoming 2018 GMC Terrain!

Mar 30

Why Gas Prices Have an Extra 9/10 Cent

Gas station fuel types

Just in case you haven’t noticed, gas prices have an extra 9/10 cent added to the price. That fraction adds a whole cent to the actual price of gas, but why does it exist? Why don’t gas stations simply raise the price to the next whole cent? Good questions! Here’s why gas prices have an extra 9/10 cent from us here at Danny Len Buick GMC.

Simply put, it’s a marketing tactic that resulted from gas stations attempting to avoid a federal gas tax during the Great Depression. The human eye is drawn to larger numbers and tends to ignore smaller, seemingly insignificant numbers, like that 9/10 cent.

The practice originated in 1932 when the federal government attempted to implement a one cent gas tax. It was meant to be a temporary measure designed to help ease the pain of the Great Depression. Unfortunately, it didn’t expire in 1934 as planned. Instead, it was raised by a fraction of a cent.

While gas prices are constantly shifting by a few cents today, the 1930s were a different story. Adding a penny to a 15 cent gas price was a significant change. As a result, gas stations added 9/10 cent to the overall price. While the price of gas was really 16 cents, buyers continued to view it at 15 cents.

Today, the 9/10 of a cent adds up to more than $1.4 million for the industry.

Feb 27

Could We See a Buick Regal Wagon Soon?

Buick regal wagon

The new Opel Insignia Sports Tourer will be available with a torque-vectoring all-wheel drive system.                            Credit: General Motors


The Buick Regal offers drivers an option within Buick’s lineup that’s a bit more sporty and stylish than its usual sophisticated, classy flavor, imbued with a distinct European vibe that’s inherited from its Europe-exclusive sibling, the Opel Insignia. When Opel took the wraps off its 2017 Insignia model, enthusiasts sighed at the sight of a wagon, prematurely resigning themselves to the fact that America rarely got wagon variants. However, there are whisperings of a Buick Regal Wagon coming stateside.


So what do we know of this wagon so far? The Opel Insignia Sports Tourer, as it’s called, was spotted cruising around Los Angeles recently. Powertrain options include a 4-cylinder or a V6 engine, with driver’s choice of either front- or all-wheel drive. Currently only an automatic transmission is offered. Not only is it 440 lbs lighter than previous generations, but it’s larger, offering up to 68 cubic feet of cargo space.


Currently, there’s no word on whether or not the Buick Regal Wagon has been confirmed, but to experts in the industry, it seems to be a sure thing. The Insignia is making its first real auto show debut in Geneva soon, so the Regal’s wagon model is expected to be revealed to the public sometime in the following months.

Feb 23

What to Have in Your Vehicle’s First Aid Kit

first aid kit

Automobile accidents are one of the leading causes of injury and death in the United States, yet many people fall into the trap of believing that it’ll never happen to them. It’s always good to have a first aid kit on hand in your vehicle in case of emergency. Here’s a few things you should include in your kit if you don’t already have one.

A Flashlight and Batteries: Unlike off the road where medical problems occur in lit areas, car accidents often happen in the dark, which requires a light source.

Sterile Non-Latex Gloves: Working with open wounds is no easy feat. Keep yourself and your on-the-fly “patient” safe by packing disposable sterile gloves in your first aid kit.

Bandages, Gauze Pads, Medical Tape, and Scissors: Basically anything that covers a wound or holds those bandages in place will be useful when medical attention is required.

Rubbing Alcohol Swabs: Disinfecting open wounds is crucial to treating someone with an injury to prevent infection.

Tweezers: Sometimes, getting into a car accident will involve being thrown into the street, which can mean getting bits of dirt or gravel in your wounds. Tweezers come in handy for getting those pieces out.

Having a first aid kit on hand in your vehicle can possibly save lives, or at the very least, keep someone healthy long enough to get them professional medical help.

Jan 26

How to Keep Your New Year’s Resolutions

How To Keep Your New Year's ResolutionWhen January begins, it feels like a fresh start. It’s a natural time to get organized and set goals for the New Year. But more often than not, it seems like resolutions fall apart before they make it to December. If you’ve felt this way before, check out these tips that will help you keep your New Year’s resolutions all the way through.


Take Small Steps

Instead of making one big goal this year, break it down into small monthly goals. It’s good to think in the long term, but sometimes thinking only of the end product can be overwhelming. Making your resolution into a series of smaller steps will let you check in on your process more regularly and keep you focused.


Find a Partner

There’s nothing that says you have to do this thing on your own. Sometimes all a person needs is a helping hand, some encouraging words or someone to check in. Find a close friend who you speak with frequently and ask if he or she will make the same resolution and take the journey with you. You can support each other when the going gets tough and celebrate the small steps.


Don’t Give Up

One big mistake people tend to make is giving up after the first mess up. Don’t let a flaw in your perfect plan keep you from following through to the end. Give yourself room for mistakes and keep heading towards that goal!







Jan 07

General Motor’s Commitment to Renewable Energy

eneral Motor’s Commitment to Renewable Energy

Every New Year comes with resolutions, and GM has its own goals in mind as we settle into 2017. General Motor’s commitment to renewable energy is made evident by their long term plan: to be running completely on renewable energy by the year 2050. These energies—such as wind, sun or landfill gas—will run 350 GM facilities across 59 countries.

GM’s movement towards sustainable energy goes hand in hand with its attention to developing electric vehicles, a movement that will allow consumers to choose more sustainable options themselves. GM feels that by switching to renewable energies, it will be able to serve communities by doing their part to create cleaner air. GM is one of 69 companies to make up RE100, a global collaboration of businesses who aim to move to 100 percent renewable energy. Together, these companies work towards reducing their environmental impacts and addressing climate change.

While this lofty goal is a few decades from coming into total fruition, GM has already made remarkable strides. In 2015, the company used 9 terawatt hours of electricity to fuel their offices and their manufacturing. They already save an estimated $5 million each year by moving to renewable energy. As GM moves forward with their plan and their collaborators in RE100, perhaps they will set an example. In the future, we may see multiple car manufacturers heading towards all renewable energy.

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