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Jan 26

How to Keep Your New Year’s Resolutions

When January begins, it feels like a fresh start. It’s a natural time to get organized and set goals for the New Year. But more often than not, it seems like resolutions fall apart before they make it to December. If you’ve felt this way before, check out these tips that will help you keep …

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Nov 16

How to Prepare for Black Friday Shopping

Prepare for Black Friday Shopping

Black Friday is the goldmine of all shopping days. Shoppers are lured with special deals, unusual hours, and the promise of getting a good headstart on holiday purchases. But if you want to do Black Friday right, you can’t go in all willy nilly. For the best possible outcome, and the least stress, you should …

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Jul 13

New Car Care Tips

New Car Care Tips

  Getting a new car is exciting, but it doesn’t come without responsibility. If you recently purchased a new car or are looking to purchase a new car, here are some new car care tips! Oil Changes Regular oil changes are essential to maintaining your vehicle’s health, especially in the beginning. Because your car parts …

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Mar 09

Spring Cleaning for Your Car

Car Being Pressure Washed

  As the days are getting warmer and the air is getting fresher, you might be thinking about opening up the windows in your house and doing some spring cleaning. While you’re at it, you should consider some spring cleaning for your car.   Your car goes through a pretty rough time in the winter …

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Feb 10

Safe Snow Shoveling Techniques to Remember This Season

Man Shoveling Snow

  Each year, an uncountable amount of injuries and even some deaths occur simply from people pushing themselves too hard when shoveling snow.   As much as you may want to clear that pathway quickly, keep these tips in mind and practice safe snow shoveling:   If you are already injured or are feeling ill, …

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