Advanced GM Technology Coming to Buick and GMC

Advanced GM Technology Coming to Buick and GMC


For modern drivers, technology usually play a big role in their car purchasing decision. Not only does technology help us stay connected, but it keeps us safer, helps us drive more efficiently, and can help remove some of the human error inherent in driving.


Both the Buick and GMC brands are getting advanced GM technology incorporated into their lineup. For starters, we’ll look at the all-new 2017 GMC Acadia. This family-friendly SUV gets even friendlier with a unique Rear Seat Reminder.


Nearly half of all children who die from being trapped in a vehicle do so because they were forgotten. While you might think you would never forget your child in the car, a simple change in routine or a stressful day can easily cause your mind to be someplace else. With the Rear Seat Reminder, GMC hopes this won’t ever happen.


The reminder is triggered when the rear doors are opened and closed within 10 minutes of the vehicle starting or when the rear doors are opened while the vehicle is started. Then, when the engine is shut off, the Acadia will sound five chimes and the information center will display “Rear Seat Reminder/Look in Rear Seat.”


This technology along with a host of others work to make driving easier and safer for everyone.

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