How to Throw the Perfect Tailgate Party

How to Throw the Perfect Tailgate Party

Your GMC Sierra 1500 is good for a lot of things. It works hard for you, but it also likes to have fun, much like its owner. For a true bonding experience with your GMC Sierra 1500, make it the center of a tailgate party. It doesn’t matter if you’ve never hosted before, and tailgating is so popular now that it probably doesn’t even matter if you plan on watching the game! With these basic steps, plus a dash of your own creativity, you can throw the perfect tailgate party in the back of your Sierra 1500.

First, narrow down the guestlist, the food list and the drink list. Sort out who will bring what ahead of time, so that you have all of your grounds covered. Make a checklist of everything you’ll need to bring, including basics like a bottle opener, trash bags, plastic dishes and paper towels. Prepare any marinades or other foods ahead of time.

Come the morning of your big tailgate debut, pack the back of your GMC Sierra 1500 with folding chairs, tables, canopies, a grill, coolers of drinks and food and any other goods for your party. Arrive early and stake out a good parking space, then set up your tailgate with decorations and equipment. Once the rest of your guestlist arrives, you’ll need only to prepare the food, feast and enjoy your time tailgating!

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