Two New Buick Vehicles to Look Out For

If anything gets the employees at Danny Len Buick GMC abuzz, it’s new Buick vehicles. To our delight, two new, luxurious Buick options were recently debuted at the 2017 New York Auto Show this spring. These new vehicles will be the first to fall under the new sub-brand, Avenir—French for “the future”—which will feature high-end options. The intention is for Buick’s new additions to appeal to younger buyers, and from the looks of things these new cars will be sought after by young and old alike.

 new Buick vehicles - Danny Len - Mount Dora, FL

The first Avenir vehicle that debuted was the Enclave, a three-row SUV, followed by the Regal, Buick’s mid-size sedan. The Avenir trim level of these two already-sophisticated vehicles earns them an even more luxurious treatment. Quiet cabins, massaging chairs, and advanced in-cabin technology are some of the amenities that put the Avenir vehicles in direct competition with other luxury brands like Mercedes-Benz and BMW. But the Buick Avenir lineup will come at a more affordable price than these direct competitors, making them the more appealing options.

The Avenir vehicles make their appearance following a prolific year of redesign in the Buick lineup which included things like the new Cascada convertible. As the new sub-brand indicates, the future is bright for Buick. And the present doesn’t look too bad either.

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