OnStar AtYourService to Offer Free Books to Subscribers

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OnStar AtYourService is a service that connects Buick drivers with merchants who offer great deals on a wide variety of products and services. OnStar effectively acts as the middle man, bringing these great deals to the drivers’ attention.


The latest addition to AtYourService comes from AudioBooks.com. From here to the end of the year, any Buick owner that subscribes to OnStar can redeem two free books from AudioBooks.com. For those facing long commutes and possible traffic jams, there is often no better way to pass the time in the car then listening to an interesting audio book.


“This is not technology just for technology’s sake,” says Duncan Aldred, global vice president of Buick Sales, Service and Marketing. He means that offers rendered through AtYourService are completely unlike junk mailers we get everyday and throw away. They are quality offers tailored for the Buick owner.


For instance, a press release from the automaker explains how Maritz research data indicates that Buick owners “30 percent more likely to read books as a leisure activity than customers of other brands across the industry.”


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