Some Tips To Stay Comfortable In The Car

Guy Driving

Some of us spend a lot of time in the car. Over time, it can be easy to develop bad habits in our posture and positioning. This can lead to discomfort and even injury. To help out your straighten things out (your spine?), we’ve thrown together some tips to stay comfortable in the car.


The thing you want to pay attention to the most is your lower back, also known as your lumbar region. Your lower back should be slightly curved inward. If you must, don’t hesitate a rolled up sweatshirt or small pillow there.


Some people position the back of their seat improperly and don’t even know it. Men’s Health recommends placing your seat back around 100 degrees. Granted, that may be difficult to do precisely so your best bet is to put it at 90 degrees and then shift it back slightly. This allows you to rest your head on the headrest and still see the road.


Other helpful tips to stay comfortable in the car is are keep your left foot flat on the floor when you can. And for men, keeping your wallet in your back pocket can cause misalignment of your spine.


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