Making New Year’s Resolutions for Driving Green

New Year’s Resolutions for Driving Green

You may be setting goals to live green in 2019. When you commit to a new habit like reducing your impact on the environment, the task can seem daunting. Experts recommend smaller resolutions for easier management that will lead to a follow-through. Implement these minor habits in your daily driving routine to achieve your New Year’s resolutions for driving green while keeping the green in your wallet.

Slow your acceleration. Get more by doing less. Hard acceleration at a stop increases fuel consumption by 35 percent. Easing into your acceleration can reduce emissions and save yourself money at the pump.

Check your tire pressure. A tire pressure check is quick, but effective. The start of a new year can bring cooler temperatures, which can rapidly alter tire pressure. Underinflated tires negatively impact traction in slippery conditions and lower fuel efficiency.

Minimize idling. Idling ten minutes per day releases carbon dioxide into the air. This can easily happen if you wind up in an immovable traffic jam on the freeway or if you pick up a tardy friend on the way to work. When you find yourself in these situations, turn off your car.

Resolutions for 2019 demand accountability. Visit Danny Len Buick GMC in Mt. Dora, FL, and share your goals with our service team.

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