Driving with Good Posture Improves Safety and Health

driving with good posture - Mt. Dora, FL

Drivers adopt many bad habits behind the wheel — like texting while driving, not wearing seatbelts, and eating on the road. However, many drivers do not realize that bad posture also has serious health and safety issues. Driving with good posture ensures that safety systems work properly in the event of an accident. It often keeps you more alert and benefits your health.

According to GEICO, you should sit with your tailbone at the back of the seat. The full length of the seat should support your thighs, and your eyes should be about three inches above the steering wheel. Sit far enough away from the steering wheel so that your arms are comfortable, not bent at 90-degree angles.

Driving with good posture is particularly important for safety. Seat belts should wrap around your waist and chest, but they do serious damage or fail you if you are not sitting upright. Airbags work best when you sit up straight.

Additionally, good posture has added health benefits. It keeps you more alert on the road because you have better circulation. This improved flow prevents you from getting sore on long road trips, and it is ideal for those who might be at a higher risk for a stroke or heart attack.

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