Tips for detailing your car in Mount Dora, FL

Detailing Your Car - Mt. Dora, FL

Detailing your car can be one of the most rewarding DIY experiences yet, whether your priority is maintaining its resale value of doing some late spring cleaning. Here are some fast, easy tips to keep your car, truck or SUV clean and stylish for your next adventure.

Crumbs, crevices, and coffee

When it comes to the filth of a dirty vehicle, cup holders are one of the most extreme. From spilled coffee to sticky messes left by a passenger, an easy remedy is an old sock and a travel mug and a spray of window cleaner. Simply dress your travel mug in an old sock and apply a few sprays of window cleaner, twist, and you’re good as new. For extra stubborn messes, use a skewer or something sharp to get all the nooks and crannies, and consider investing in a rubber coaster to keep your car in like-new condition.

Fabulous fabrics can stay flawless

The most careful driver has spilled or left a mark on their vehicle’s interior. From leather to pleather, there are many ways to keep your vehicle’s fabrics shiny, smooth, and presentable for your next passenger. Deep clean your car’s fabric with a light spray of foaming aerosol carpet cleaner or something specific if your vehicle specifies. Once the spray has time to absorb and dry, vacuum your car.

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