Why Bad Tires are an Accident Waiting to Happen

Bad Tires are an Accident Waiting to Happen - Mount Dora, FL

Failing to take care of your car’s tires is asking for trouble. Bad tires are an accident waiting to happen. If left unchecked and uncared for, bad tires could cause you to lose control of the vehicle, get into an accident, or cause further damage to your vehicle.

Inadequate traction

Tires are responsible for providing adequate traction to keep your vehicle on the road. Bad tires don’t have enough tread to get a good grip on the road. In fact, driving with bad tires during heavy rains or cold winters can result in sliding and spinning out. If you lose control of your vehicle, you are responsible for any damage done.

Potential blowouts

The largest threat that bad tires present is the potential of a blowout. A lack of tread helps reduce the change of a blowout. No matter your vehicle’s speed, a blowout is extremely dangerous and can cause a major accident.

Loss of pressure

Bad tires are more likely to lose air pressure than new tires. A lack of tread and underinflated tires make coming to a sudden stop more difficult. The remaining tread will wear quicker with a loss of air pressure, too. If you have bad tires, new tires at Danny Len Buick GMC are a great way to ensure your safety on the road. Schedule a service appointment.

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