The CarbonPro™ Bed Can Withstand Hurricane Forces

The CarbonPro™ Bed | Danny Len Buick GMC | Mount Dora, FL

The GMC CarbonPro™ bed is the world’s first carbon-fiber composite truck bed, delivering best-in-class protection against corrosion, dents, and scratches. GMC knew that rigorous testing was the only way to create a bed of such quality, which is why they put it up against projectiles flying at Category One hurricane-force speeds.


The carbon-fiber makeup of the CarbonPro™ bed replaces the rolled steel used on traditional trucks. Naturally, it stood up magnificently against hurricane-force projectile testing. When compared to competitors, the GMC-exclusive bed demonstrated greater rebound efficiency, meaning the objects bounced right off instead of denting the bed.


Testing also included dropping 1,800-pound gravel loads, 450-pound water-filled steel drums, and cinder blocks onto the space-age bed. It was its exceptional performance in these tests that inspired GMC engineers to up the difficulty level with the Category 1 hurricane-force projectiles.


The benefits of the CarbonPro™ bed are numerous. The carbon-fiber composite is lighter than the typical steel found in truck beds, but it still manages to increase payload capacity from the traditional ones. An extra cubic foot of cargo space is possible thanks to the highly formable material, and indentations in the floor are built for the wheels of your dirt and street bikes.


If you want a truck that can work, play, and do everything in between, you want a GMC equipped with the state-of-the-art CarbonPro™ bed. To learn more, chat with one of our experts at Danny Len Buick GMC.

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