Everything We Know About the GMC Hummer EV

GMC recently announced that the highly-anticipated release of the Hummer EV will come in fall 2020. Here’s a quick look at what we already know about the new all-electric GMC Hummer.


The new Hummer EV will run solely off electricity, shedding its gas-guzzler image thanks to all-new Ultium battery technology and charging capabilities, which have been described as “super-fast.”


Don’t let the all-electric power of the new GMC Hummer EV fool you; it will still pack a serious punch with a jaw-dropping 1,000 horsepower rating to go along with 11,500 lb-ft of wheel torque. It will only take three seconds for the Hummer EV to go from 0-60 mph.


The GMC Hummer EV will come available as either a truck or an SUV, enabling you to pick the style that best fits your lifestyle.


Removable roof panels allow for open-air driving so you can enjoy the Mt. Dora weather from the comfort of your Hummer EV. GMC also teased at an “open-air infinity roof” that we can’t wait to get a closer look at.


New technologies will adorn the new Hummer EV.  “Ultra-Vision Cameras” and new settings like “Adrenaline Mode” and “Crab Mode” will be available upon its release, and Super Cruise — a hands-free driving feature that has so far only appeared on select Cadillacs — will solidify the Hummer EV as the powerhouse of the future.


Check back with the Danny Len Buick GMC Blog for more information about the Hummer EV as it becomes available.

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