Buick Shows Off the Electra EV Concept

With its newest concept vehicle, Buick simultaneously welcomes the future to the present while harkening to the automaker’s illustrious history. The new Electra concept shows off Buick’s most advanced connectivity tech inside of a space-age body that is powered by an all-electric motor.

Buick’s brand-new Electra concept, which was unveiled early this fall in China, is not the brand’s first use of the “Electra” moniker. The original Electra was a premium full-size sedan that played a prominent part in the automotive landscape for over three decades.

The Electra concept is powered by an Ultium battery that propels the twin electric motors to produce 583 horsepower. The sporty sedan is fast enough to travel from 0–60 mph in just 4.3 seconds, and it has an all-electric range of 410 miles.

The gorgeous Electra is certainly more stylish than most EVs thanks to a bevy of premium aesthetic choices like a wraparound center display, ambient lights, and rose gold trim that are intended to draw comparisons to spacecraft. Per Molly Peck, the Executive Director of Buick Sales and Marketing for SAIC-GM, “the Electra represents the brand’s ambition to bring together beautiful styling and intelligent connectivity in the new era of zero emissions.”

While Buick doesn’t have any EVs stateside yet, you can shop the current lineup of luxury SUVs right here at Danny Len Buick in Mt. Dora, Fl.

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