Best Travel Cars from Buick and GMC

Best Travel Cars from Buick and GMC

Traveling is rough, but the right vehicle can help. Trunk space, ride comfort, and gas mileage all come into play when planning a trip. Some of the best travel cars on the market come from GM brands; here are some great options from Buick and GMC.

Buick Lacrosse: This full-size sedan is roomy in both the cabin and the trunk, has the relaxing and refined interior of the luxury segment, and gets up to 31 mpg on the highway.

Buick Encore: With the fuel efficiency of a car, this small SUV offers plenty of upscale comfort and 18.8 cubic feet behind the rear row. You can optimize the storage capacity of the Encore by folding down and rearranging the versatile seats.

Buick Regal: The Lacrosse’s midsize sibling has plenty of legroom and is packed with updated technology for your entertainment.

GMC Yukon: This big-time family hauler can accommodate the largest families, their luggage, and even a trailer without breaking a sweat.

GMC Acadia: Newly redesigned for the upcoming model year, the Acadia is more lightweight and fuel efficient than ever, making it a great option for families who need space but still want to travel light.

There are many other great options in Buick and GMC’s lineups, but we’ve provided some groundwork for shopping for the best travel cars from a variety of segments.

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