Winter Activities in Mount Dora, FL

Kids Playing in Snow

Here in Florida, we get to enjoy mild winters with ideal temperatures and wonderful sunshine. If you’re looking for ways to enjoy the great weather, here are some fun winter activities in Mount Dora.


  • Renninger’s Antique Extravaganza. There will be over 1500 dealers attending this large event. It will be held January 15th through the 17th at the Twin Markets.
  • 3rd Annual Health & Fitness Expo. What better way to start off the New Year than by learning how to be a healthier you? Head to Connelly Park on January 30th from 10 am through 4 pm to see fitness demonstrations, watch live entertainment, win raffle prizes, eat delicious healthy food, and more.
  • 14th Mount Dora Florida Highwaymen. Come see the scenic landscapes from the iconic Florida Highwaymen artists. This event will include artists Al Black, James Gibson, Isaac Knight, Robert Lewis, and Roy McClendon. The event will be held January 22nd through the 24th.
  • 40th Annual Mount Dora Arts Festival. The Mount Dora Center for the Arts will hold its annual festival February 6th and 7th in downtown Mount Dora. Explore endless rows of fine art along with local musical entertainment. Admission to the festival is free.


What are your favorite winter activities in Mount Dora?


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Some Tips To Stay Comfortable In The Car

Guy Driving

Some of us spend a lot of time in the car. Over time, it can be easy to develop bad habits in our posture and positioning. This can lead to discomfort and even injury. To help out your straighten things out (your spine?), we’ve thrown together some tips to stay comfortable in the car.


The thing you want to pay attention to the most is your lower back, also known as your lumbar region. Your lower back should be slightly curved inward. If you must, don’t hesitate a rolled up sweatshirt or small pillow there.


Some people position the back of their seat improperly and don’t even know it. Men’s Health recommends placing your seat back around 100 degrees. Granted, that may be difficult to do precisely so your best bet is to put it at 90 degrees and then shift it back slightly. This allows you to rest your head on the headrest and still see the road.


Other helpful tips to stay comfortable in the car is are keep your left foot flat on the floor when you can. And for men, keeping your wallet in your back pocket can cause misalignment of your spine.


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OnStar AtYourService to Offer Free Books to Subscribers

Woman Reading

OnStar AtYourService is a service that connects Buick drivers with merchants who offer great deals on a wide variety of products and services. OnStar effectively acts as the middle man, bringing these great deals to the drivers’ attention.


The latest addition to AtYourService comes from From here to the end of the year, any Buick owner that subscribes to OnStar can redeem two free books from For those facing long commutes and possible traffic jams, there is often no better way to pass the time in the car then listening to an interesting audio book.


“This is not technology just for technology’s sake,” says Duncan Aldred, global vice president of Buick Sales, Service and Marketing. He means that offers rendered through AtYourService are completely unlike junk mailers we get everyday and throw away. They are quality offers tailored for the Buick owner.


For instance, a press release from the automaker explains how Maritz research data indicates that Buick owners “30 percent more likely to read books as a leisure activity than customers of other brands across the industry.”


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What Octane Ratings Mean: Understanding Your Engine

Buick Engine

Every time you get gas, you select a specific octane; however, few people actually know why they select certain octanes. That’s why we’ve put together a post on what octane ratings mean. Next time you visit the pump, you’ll know exactly what everything means.


According to Exxon, there are three main octane ratings: Regular (87), Special (89), and Super (91-93). Generally, normal cars will take an octane rating of 87; nonetheless, you should check your owner’s manual first.


Octane ratings represent a fuel’s ability to resist compression before combustion. The higher the rating, the better the performance. If you use gasoline with a lower octane rating than what your engine needs, its will “ping” or “knock.” Diesel engines don’t require high octane fuels because they compress air, not fuel, so there is no need for better octane.


Though most cars require 87 octane fuels, you should consider upgrading if you are towing a heavy load or driving at high altitudes. Otherwise, you might just be wasting your money.


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GMC Global Sales on the Rise: Crossovers and SUV are More Popular

GMC SUVGMC global sales are up nearly 13% this year. In fact, sales have now been going up for a consecutive 20 months, and crossovers are among the most popular. Americans can’t get enough of GMC crossovers and SUVs, offering the perfect combination of efficiency and capabilities.


According to GMC, the Sierra is rapidly becoming more popular. Light-duty and heavy-duty pickups that have the new 2.8-liter Duramax engine are especially popular as well. This includes the Canyon and Terrain. However, crossovers and SUVs like the Terrain, Acadia, and Yukon are among the most popular.


“This sustained growth in sales and our 44-percent conquest rate tell us the precision-crafted elements of our crossovers, trucks and SUVs are connecting with discerning customers seeking refinement and capability,” said Duncan Aldred, U.S. GMC vice president. “I expect our new introductions will continue the great success we’re experiencing at GMC.”


Drivers also can’t get enough of the Denali trims. These offer owners a way to experience luxury and versatility, all in one model. These come with a fresh new appearance and enhanced connectivity. These are just a few of many reasons GMC sales are up.


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GMC Canyon Denali Model on the Way

GMC Grill

GMC sources recently confirmed the addition of a Canyon Denali model to the GMC Canyon family. The midsize pickup had been spied at testing facilities in the past, but this is the first time the trim level had been officially spoken about by representatives from the company.


The decision to greenlight the model most likely came about due to the price gap between the Canyon and Sierra pickups – a $10,000 difference. A more luxury-oriented Canyon Denali model would fit cleanly between the two. GMC representatives say the Denali trim will be added during the GMC Canyon’s midcycle update, but no model year has been announced as of yet.


Differences between the standard Canyon and the Canyon Denali will likely include chrome accents, a perforated mesh grille, leather upholstery in the cabin, body-color bumpers, and alloy wheels. The Denali lineup made up 23 percent of GMC’s sales so far this year, and as a result, they’re answering the market demand for a more luxurious midsize pickup with the new Canyon Denali model.


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Kid-Friendly Lake County Halloween Events


Lake County, Florida, is jam-packed with kid-friendly activities for parents to take their little ones to for some spooky, mischievous holiday celebrations. A number of events also provide on-location trick or treating, so that your children can wander freely in an area more secure and festive than the typical neighborhood. Other Lake County Halloween events provide a more unique family experience.


Because Halloween happens on a Saturday this year, many events will take place the weekend before. Fall Fun Nights at Uncle Donald’s Farm have been open to the public every Friday and Saturday this month from 7:30 to 9:30pm, and their last weekend open will be the 23rd and the 24th. Several other events occur on October 24th. This includes the Trick or Treat Village in Groveland, which spans 5pm to 8pm, and Epiphany’s 5th Annual Trunk or Treat from 5-7pm.


The City of Tavares will be hosting a Family Fall Festival the night before, on October 30th, from 6pm to 9pm. This festival will also include trick-or-treating, but will also have food, drinks, various activities, and even a showing of Hotel Transylvania.


Other Lake County Halloween attractions include the hour-long Great Pumpkin Limited train ride, which drops families off to select a pumpkin and receive candy and refreshments. The train’s last runs take place on October 24th as well. There is also the Monster Museum in Mount Dora, which features a horror film walk-through exhibit. The exhibit has a variety of dates and times available on their website.


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